Summer School in China

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In July 2017 I attended the NJU-NIOD Summer School: ‘Practices of Remembrance beyond Memory Politics: Recalling Mass Violence and the Roads to Reconciliation in Asia and Europe’ in Nanjing, China. With a group of selected PhD students, MA students, and young researchers from the Netherlands and Japan, I travelled to China to collaborate with Chinese PhD and MA students in the scorching heat of Nanjing in July.

The Summer School took place at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences from 17 till 23 July 2017. It was funded by the China Exchange Programme (CEP) of the KNAW (travel grant included). The aim of this programme was to foster long-term research collaboration between the Netherlands and China. The thematic focus of the summer school was on investigating the ways in which societies in both Asia and Europe continue to struggle with the legacies of mass violence committed in the context of large international conflicts of the 20th Century.

More detailed information and a report can be found on the NIOD-website.