Negotiating Displacement: New Perspectives and Connections in War, Migration and Refugee Studies

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This conference was organised by my colleagues and me from the NIOD War and Society research program, IMIS (University of Osnabrück) and Movies that Matter. It was aimed at connecting scholars working on war, mass violence and genocide with researchers working in the field of migration studies in order to deepen the dialogue between two disciplines that often look at similar phenomena but from different perspectives.

At the public event on the 8th of December people from various backgrounds were invited to reflect on the topic of ‘Negotiating Displacement’ through a movie screening and a shared luncheon. The event was followed by an academic conference at the NIOD. The conference’s guiding question was how displacement has been negotiated with regard to trajectories and status by individuals and groups from the First World War to the present in a global perspective.

NIOD collegues Anne van Mourik and Thijs Bouwknegt interviewed multiple conference attendees. The resulting episode of the NIOD Rewind postcast can be found on Soundcloud.